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Dear Freddy,

I will not hide from you that our meeting has been the most powerful ever in my life as a man, a businessman, and a psychologist.
With that, I could not take upon myself to call you first to thank you, but also to tell you about all the demons I started fighting with, and slowly successfully overpowering.It is not only because of the course' instruction that I am writing to you, but t is my most sincere desire to express to you the deepest feeling of gratitude that I have for the help you gave me in order to get me out of the "loop" paradigma. Since then I am another man: I am energized to a point that is difficult to imagine: I can not stand when sleep time approaches, and I get up in the morning long before the alarm clock rings. I just can not stand to wait till the day starts: I have my "prizat derech" program, and there is no time.
When we met at your office, you have surprised me with your penetrating understanding that came almost by surprise (the first part of the interview seemed to me very hazy), that caught me right in the middle of the most delicate emotional knot, and you did so without frightening me, without shaking out my inner self, you just were there with a lot of respect and understanding, and it gave me the opportunity to get over my paradigma, by myself!

Be blessed with all material and spiritual blessings,

I got a lot out of the coaching. Freddie helped me understand myself
and the nuances of human psychology. He introduced me to movies
and books that entertained and enriched me, while transmitting the
message to help me make the change I needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching friendship and would definitely
recommend Freddie to anyone I thought suitable. He is very professional
and profoundly sensitive to the needs and feelings of his trainees. His expert
use of movies added much depth and interest to the experience.

Although I remain with business challenges, I now have a fuller, stronger
and more reliable toolbox to help me cope more effectively.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,
Danny Verbov